How to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

2021-03-10 0 By The Universal Port

Your tech buddy teach you How to speed up any Windows 10 Computer for increased productivity and better gaming experience, this method is absolutely free as well. We don’t use any software nor additional hardware to achieve this performance increase!

Your tech buddy answers the question of most PC users on “How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 Performance (best settings)

Recommended: Before you getting up this settings you need to have a restore point.

If ever theres a problem setting up in your windows 10 PC, you can make the backup, restore the previous settings before it change.


click the configure button and if disable system protection, make it turn on.

After you turn on system protection click apply and then ok.

then click create and enter restore point name then click create. just wait until it done.

Created Restore point complete.

Then we will go the the setting up the following; are you ready?


Just type in search and search System Configuration.

click boot and click BOOT advanced option and in the number of processors: find the highest number and click ok.

P.S the highest number in processors is the best to pick in booting up your windows.

and in the time out change the default 30 seconds in to 3 seconds, if you don’t want to wait long and click ok.

After you set up the BOOT tab, go to Services tab .

in this tab you can see all services that are running in your system, you need to keep all microsoft windows services running, so you need to hide all the microsoft services.

You can stop all unnecessary services that are running in your system to minimize lagging in your system.

You can stop specific service just check the box and click disable.

If you have services that you don’t want to run in start up just do this step.

Next step the Start up tab. click Startup and go to Open Task Manager.

After you click the Task Manager, disable the programs you want to disable when the PC is starting up.

After you disable programs in task manager, close the task manager, click apply and then restart. Thats it!


I think this time you will noticed the increase speed up in your booting and starting up your windows PC!

Hope it helps and give some comment if you want more!

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